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Colombia: the Andean miracle, the next start up nation?

Colombia: the Andean miracle, the next start up nation?
10 years ago, people refered to Colombia as a country of: drugs, war, corruption and other negative aspects.
A few days ago I was speaking with Saul Singer, author of “Start-up nation: The Story of Israel’s
Economic Miracle” in a conference was made by Innpulsa (Government institution supports
the entrepenuership and the politics in Science, technology and innovation in
Colombia) and Embassy of Israel in Colombia. We were discussing about the progress of Colombia and Israel (his country) and how similar they are in that they both have been in war since their independence but like Israel, Colombia has the opportunity to become a start-up nation (PS: watch more about the opinion of Singer here, Spanish
Since 2008, the nation is experiencing a new age of increased security, progress in
the peace process, foreign investment growth, stable inflation (competitive
advantage over other countries in LatAm), now is strengthening its trade ties
with other countries through Free Trade Agreements (TLC’s), has entered
international institutions such as the Pacific Alliance (Mexico, Peru, Chile &
Costa Rica), integration of financial markets (MILA,) removing barriers to
business creation, and supporting the creation of the ecosystem of the entrepreneurship


Moreover, the youth is taking lidership in the following, and more, aspects:  entrepeneurship, social,
political and economic.  This weekend i shared time with some entrepenurs in a Hackathon, “Start up Essentials by Pay-pal” organized by Atom House, PulsoSocial and Toro labs, some of the most succesful start ups of the nation.I was speaking with Andres Barreto, founder of Grooveshark & CEO of PulsoSocial. According to the press is the Latin version of “Mark Zuckerberg”. (Read more about Barreto here: He told me about Colombia is taking the opportunity of undertaking technological base to reduce the gap with developed countries.

“Technology gives fewer jobs but gives more quality jobs, you need lots of investment in the beginning and give more value added.” he spoke.

According to Iqbal Quadir Today, 75 percent of people globally have access to a mobile phone. Of the six billion subscriptions worldwide, 77 percent are held by people in developing countries. And despite the great disparities among high and low-income regions globally, there is a reasonable parity in access to mobile phones.

Moreover, the ubiquitous proliferation of this modern technology in low-income countries has taken place quite rapidly, over the course of half a generation.

Business incubators and accelerators are being created in various regions of Colombia , where entrepreneurs are escorted from the idea and business plan to generate sales and growth of companies.

Entrepreneurship ecosystem is advancing , the opotunidades to invest in Colombia are getting better and the internationalization of their companies is helping to changing the idea about colombians in another countrys ( called “Multilatinas” LatAm multinational as Grupo Exito, Grupo Aval, Grupo Sura, EPM, Carvajal , etc.)

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